Video Production Services

Our general video production services include videography services for single-camera and multi-camera video productions. Adcom Films has skilled and experienced videographers who take a creative approach to every video editing shoot. Our talented graphic artists excel at motion graphics. We have a full green screen video production setup as well as general in-studio video production options. We shoot our videos at our location; giving us the best visual backdrop for a creative website video, marketing video, non-profit video or corporate video production. If you'd like to learn more about creating your perfect video, contact Adcom Films today! 


Online Video is HOT!!!

Online Video consumption continues to grow at an astonishing rate. More than half of adults (53% of consumers 18 and older) stated they view Online Video. As of October 2008, 13.5 billion videos were watched online. That is a 45% rise on the number watched in October 2007. Keep in mind that was 6 years ago! Consumers are spending a lot of time online than watching TV, and Online Video has emerged as the key platform.

At this point, video is just a regular part of the web. But how is it gaining on regular TV watching. Just in terms of audience reach, Nielsen estimates that almost 145 million people watch video online in the U.S., compared to about 290 million who watch traditional TV. So the penetration of online video is already about half of the overall TV-watching population.

Adcom Productions professionally-produced Online Videos, targeted to specific audiences, will have you seeing a burst of excitement for your products and services. 

With an Adcom Production Online Video campaign you’ll be able to create the credibility and personal/professional feel that consumers interact with. Plus, with the availability of detailed data about the performance of your  Online Video, and the viewers and customers, who interact with them, makes Online Videos an extremely attractive medium for business.

Major retail brands actually have significant numbers of their customers viewing online video – making them a prime beneficiary in the paradigm shift. Companies are realizing it makes a lot more sense to go to the people rather than expect them to come to you. Get your exclusive Online Video campaign from Adcom Productions now, before the competition does.

Why Video?

  • Almost 60% of traffic online is video
  • Video distribution increases search engine rankings
  • An astonishing 70% of people that use the internet watch online video
  • 200 million Americans watch online video each month
  • People remember 70% of what they both see and hear
  • Have a sales team working 24-7 around the clock by multiplying yourself all across the internet
  • Engage your audience to take action with simple video instructions
  • Highlight a product or service that is exclusive to your business
  • Create a video profile connecting you personally with your customers

Commercial Example 


Adcom Films specializes in producing Attorney and Law Firm Commercials.
500 Free Professional Glossy Business Cards with the QR Barcode
500 Free Professional Glossy Business Cards with the QR Barcode

500 FREE Business Cards featuring a QR bar code to view Your Commercial on a Smart Phone!

Your commercial will come with 500 FREE glossy business cards that will feature a QR bar code. Your clients can watch your commercial by scanning the bar code with a smart phone and view it on the spot. Your social media commercial can be linked to your Website, Facebook, Emails, etc.  

Adcom Films offers video production services to clients nationwide for the most cost sufficient commercials one can get. Our pre-production services include concept creation and script writing for all forms of video productions, on-camera and voiceover in house talent casting, scouting, logo and graphic design services and hair & makeup artists when needed in house on-set of a production shoot. If you're looking to produce a website video, marketing video, non-profit video or corporate power presentation video commercials please contact us.

Our post-production services include full video and audio editing capabilities at our video production office. We have a vast library of professional music tracks and an equally diverse voiceover talent for client video productions. We are always happy to upload completed productions to any social networking websites you desire. If you're ready to produce a video for your product, service or event, contact Adcom Films today!